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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hope everyone will enjoy their Christmas this year with lots of fun and happiness!



Hi everyone!

Just finished a new waffle collection! There are now dollhouse miniatures, bobby pins, rings, and stud earrings! Hope you all like them!

I listed them on Etsy already but didn't have a lot of people clicks or hearts so far. >< I like this collection a lot too, I love the chocolate, strawberry and mango sauce! Hope you all will like this!

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming very soon! Just finished a Christmas collection of dollhouse miniatures and earrings! Hope you all like them!! =D

I love the holiday!!
Christmas dollhouse miniature collection!
Small gingerbread men!! =D
Christmas colours!
Cute Christmas and winter stud earrings!!!
Love these candy canes! =D

Rainbow Cake Dollhouse Miniature

Just finished midterms for University and finally finish making the rainbow cake dollhouse miniature!

I like this set a lot, very cute! I actually never try eating a rainbow cake before, would love to try if have the chance. Love the different colourful layers of the cake! =D

Hope you all like it! =)

Popsicle Collection!

Sorry for the late update everyone! I have been extremely busy making this new collection!

Almost done this collection, I made popsicles into bobby pins, rings, and earrings!! The next thing I will make to finish off this collection is popsicles dollhouse miniature. I'm planning to make individual popsicle packed in a little bag, I will post up pictures once I am successful in this creation!

Here are some pictures of my new creations!

Mix and match strawberry and chocolate sundae crunch bar bobby pins!


This one is my favourite so far!

Stud earrings! Orange ice cream popsicle!

Chocolate and orange, yummy!

Fast foods!

Burger and fries are the best combination! Yummy!

I just finish making my two new creations, one is a dollhouse miniature of a fast food meal and the other one is burger and fries stud earrings. Hope you all like them! =D

Take out! Burger, fries and coke! Yummy!

Very small!

Love the stud earrings!


Hi everyone!

I made a new cup of cappuccino for my afternoon coffee set! It is a lovely cup of cappuccino decorated with a heart! Hope you all like it! =D

Yummy cappuccino!

Strawberry Collection!

I love strawberries, do you? I just finish making a strawberry collection of jewelries and accessories. There are strawberries bobby pins, ring, and earrings! =)

Collection of strawberries!

Started to make bobby pins!

Also rings!!

Stud earrings from before!

Yummy! =D

Waffle! =D

Another new creation! I love making dessert lately, last one was crepe, now waffle! =D

Spending a lot of time making food miniature, and still didn't upload pictures from my trip to Japan...need to start doing them soon.

Here are some pictures of the waffle, hope you all like it! =D

yummy, i love the chocolate sauce!

so small!

Back Home

Hi everyone,

Quite awhile since my last update. I have been away for a vacation to Japan and Hong Kong and now back home. =)

I had a great time in Japan, took many pictures of foods, yummy! I will post some of my pictures as soon as I finish uploading them on to my computer. =)

Here are some of my new items, hope you all like them!

Afternoon coffee with cookies! Relaxing!

1/12th scale dollhouse miniature!

Fruit tart with my favourite fruits, yummy!

Yummy Chocolate and Ice Cream Cones!!!

Wow, it has been almost a month since my last update. I have been very busy with studying and taking new pictures of my old creations. I have been trying to change on my pictures to be more colourful and bright, hope that you all like them! Later all, I will be changing the whole appearance of this blog, hope you all will like it! =)

Here are my two newest creations! =)
I made a new ice cream stand, I love this one!

I like the tissues too, many colours!

New stud earrings!

Yummy, chocolate with cream and strawberries! =D

More new pictures!

I took some new pictures of my other creations too. Here are some, hope you all like them! =)

I like this one, I love the colours!


Check out my Flickr, to see more pictures! =)