Etsy Shop


It has been awhile since I been on blogger or etsy...hope you all didn't forget about me yet!!

I have been quite busy with updating my shop with new pictures and themes. Also throughout the summer, I have been busy making a custom order for my friend's wedding! I will post some pictures later on!

Here are some new pictures I took for my shop lately! =]

This pair of earrings is still my favourite! Bright morning breakfast in bed! Love the colour!

That's it for now, come back and check often, I will keep updating my blog! Right now, I'm working on another custom order for a customer, it's a m&m cake. I will post pictures once I'm done! =]

Box of Chocolates!

Made another box of chocolates! I love this set of chocolates, they are mixed coloured! Made a few sea shell shapes as well. Hope you all like it! =D

See the tiny sea shell?


Just finish making more tiny chocolates! Here are some pictures of the tiny tray of chocolates, hope you all like it! =D

A real chocolate with the tiny! Can you see the mini chocolate?
So small!!!

More Donuts!

More donuts earrings! These are the medium size donuts. Hope you all aren't getting tired of donuts! =D


Valentine's Day

Valentine is coming pretty soon so made a miniature chocolate box for Valentine. I love chocolates, taste sweet and yummy! Hope you all like this miniature!

Has a little booklet with the name and picture of each chocolate too!

Tiny chocolates!

New Donut Collection!

Hi everyone!

Holiday is over, need to go back to school now. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I made a new donut collection during the holiday! I made new donut earrings, rings and bobby pins!

There are 3 sizes of donuts for earrings, very very tiny ones to bigger ones!

Here are a few pictures! Hope you all like them! =D

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hope everyone will enjoy their Christmas this year with lots of fun and happiness!