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Miniature Cookies

I just finish making a box of miniatures cookies lately. I love this set of cookies, they are in three different shapes and colours. I love the sprinkles too, they make the cookies more colourful! This creation took me awhile to make because I spent a lot of time making the sprinkles into really tiny pieces, and it also took me awhile to make the texture of baked cookies. However, I love the outcome of this creation, the cookies look yummy! I like the box a lot too, very cute! This is all handmade, hope you all like it too! =)

Yummy, cookies with a cup of coffee!

I might make the little cookies into earrings too! =)

Flickr and Facebook

Hi everyone!

At last, I created a flickr and facebook account, it took me awhile. I just finish uploading pictures of my whole collection on to flickr! Also, I made a page on facebook to promote, hope you can check it out! Thanks.



Thanks everyone for your supports! =)

Breakfast in Bed

New creation! I just finished making a new set of breakfast and this time, it is a tray of breakfast for you to eat in bed. This inspiration came from seeing people on television and in movie eating a beautiful tray of breakfast on their comfy bed. I wish I can do that too, so for now, I made this cute miniature breakfast in bed. Hope you like it! =)

Breakfast in bed! Comfy and tasty! =)

I love the orange juice, especially the little piece of orange slice!

Sale items!

A few of the items in my store are on sale right now!

These phone charms come with a phone strap or keychain are only $7!

These are Japanese foods!

Candy Shop

I love walking into candy shop! They have wonderful ideas of different sweets. All the sweets look so appealing and tasty! Every time I walk into a candy shop, it gives me inspiration on making more miniatures! These are the pictures took from the candy shop in Niagara Fall!

Doesn't this look yummy? This can be my next creation!

Very cute!

Beautiful Artworks!

Today, I'm not going to talk about food but instead beautiful arts! I love art! Especially artworks that have beautiful combination of colours and the natural feeling. I made a new Etsy friend, PrettyMuchArt, I admire her products a lot, very pretty.

I love this piece of artwork, very pretty and has a nice natural winter theme to it.

Hope you will like this artwork as well! =)

Breakfast! =)

At last, I finished making the set of miniature breakfast! =) This is one of my favourite breakfast combination!!!!! I love eating bacon, sausage and egg...tasty! And the best thing is orange juice, healthy too! =)

Here are some pictures:

My next creation will be breakfast in bed! After I finish making the breakfast collection, I might start making dessert again (I love sweet things)!