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Breakfast! =)

At last, I finished making the set of miniature breakfast! =) This is one of my favourite breakfast combination!!!!! I love eating bacon, sausage and egg...tasty! And the best thing is orange juice, healthy too! =)

Here are some pictures:

My next creation will be breakfast in bed! After I finish making the breakfast collection, I might start making dessert again (I love sweet things)!


Jo Raines said...

Hi, I am adding your blog to mine, Peach Blossom Hill. And I hope you'll drop by and visit me sometime as well. I love your breakfast plates! So delicious and realistic looking! I also sell on Etsy and have just changed the name of my blog to match my store so I'm having to run around and let everyone out there know to update me on their blogs as I've dropped off the face of the earth! Nice to find you!


Madeleine said...

My god this is so amazing :O

PetiteCreation said...

Thanks! =)

alpal said...

Wow! I love those eggs! How did you get the brown around the edges?

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Hi...I am the admin of The Mini Food Blog, and would love to be able to share some of your work on If I have your permission, please email me at
Thanks :)

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