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Yummy Chocolate and Ice Cream Cones!!!

Wow, it has been almost a month since my last update. I have been very busy with studying and taking new pictures of my old creations. I have been trying to change on my pictures to be more colourful and bright, hope that you all like them! Later all, I will be changing the whole appearance of this blog, hope you all will like it! =)

Here are my two newest creations! =)
I made a new ice cream stand, I love this one!

I like the tissues too, many colours!

New stud earrings!

Yummy, chocolate with cream and strawberries! =D

More new pictures!

I took some new pictures of my other creations too. Here are some, hope you all like them! =)

I like this one, I love the colours!


Check out my Flickr, to see more pictures! =)

New Pictures for the Miniature Breakfast!

Lately, I was going through all the pictures I took of my creations and I feel the pictures I took before are very plain. So, I took some new pictures to make my creations more colourful! Hope you all like the new pictures!
Yummy, time to eat!

Love this picture! I like the colours and the whole layout.