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Waffle! =D

Another new creation! I love making dessert lately, last one was crepe, now waffle! =D

Spending a lot of time making food miniature, and still didn't upload pictures from my trip to Japan...need to start doing them soon.

Here are some pictures of the waffle, hope you all like it! =D

yummy, i love the chocolate sauce!

so small!


Lorraine Escapita said...

Perfect, as always!

PetiteCreation said...

thanks Lorraine Escapita! =D

Ascension said...

Me vendria perfecto como postre, acabo de comer jeje
Te ha quedado verdaderamente real, es una maravilla!!
besitos ascension

PetiteCreation said...

thanks ascension! glad you all like it! =D

Mo said...

So delicious looking! And your photographs are great, too. :)

Hanna said...

Yummy they look so delicious and very real!

PetiteCreation said...

thanks Mo and Hanna!! =D

Jon Fine said...

I am starving after looking at your fantastic blog....keep it up....yummy!!!!!!!!!!!


Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Muy bonito!!

PetiteCreation said...

Thanks Jon Fine!
Thanks Teresa Martinez-IGMA artisan!


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