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Popsicle Collection!

Sorry for the late update everyone! I have been extremely busy making this new collection!

Almost done this collection, I made popsicles into bobby pins, rings, and earrings!! The next thing I will make to finish off this collection is popsicles dollhouse miniature. I'm planning to make individual popsicle packed in a little bag, I will post up pictures once I am successful in this creation!

Here are some pictures of my new creations!

Mix and match strawberry and chocolate sundae crunch bar bobby pins!


This one is my favourite so far!

Stud earrings! Orange ice cream popsicle!

Chocolate and orange, yummy!


berri said...

these popsicles are amazing! i really love the strawberry and chocolate "crunch" type:) nice job

PetiteCreation said...

thanks berri! =D

Robin said...

These are such fun - and so beautifully made - they'll be amazing as Dolls House miniatures!

PetiteCreation said...

Thanks Robin! I think they will look very good as dollhouse miniature too!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Muy originales!!,
Buen trabajo.

Almost Precious said...

They look good enough to eat. The realism is incredible.

PetiteCreation said...

thanks!! =D

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