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Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming very soon! Just finished a Christmas collection of dollhouse miniatures and earrings! Hope you all like them!! =D

I love the holiday!!
Christmas dollhouse miniature collection!
Small gingerbread men!! =D
Christmas colours!
Cute Christmas and winter stud earrings!!!
Love these candy canes! =D


MrNadavik said...

So pretty :D

PetiteCreation said...

thanks MrNadavik!

Unknown said...

oh dear, the model's finger looks very dry, must be working hard every late night on those adorable miniature. Would you like to try out some lotion? Dove has couple good ones, i can recommend a few of them to you if you are interested. Happy holidays!

PetiteCreation said...

Thanks John! Yeah, I have very dry hands, I have been using hand lotion but I guess when winter comes, it gets even dryer. =)

Moonaskingtostay said...

These are oh so adorable! :)

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