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New Donut Collection!

Hi everyone!

Holiday is over, need to go back to school now. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I made a new donut collection during the holiday! I made new donut earrings, rings and bobby pins!

There are 3 sizes of donuts for earrings, very very tiny ones to bigger ones!

Here are a few pictures! Hope you all like them! =D


jocelyn teo said...

ohh pretty!! especially love the colorful ones, brilliant mix of colors chosen! :)

PetiteCreation said...

Thanks jocelyn teo! Love the rainbow donut too!! =D

Lisa said...

How do you make them so tiny and perfect? Just too cute!

PetiteCreation said...

Thanks Lisa! Tiny donuts take quite awhile to make since they soooo small but will get used to making them after awhile.

Minnie Kitchen said...

these are lovely! i think the first one is my favorite!

PetiteCreation said...

thanks Minnie Kitchen!! Glad you like it!! =D

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