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Miniature Cookies

I just finish making a box of miniatures cookies lately. I love this set of cookies, they are in three different shapes and colours. I love the sprinkles too, they make the cookies more colourful! This creation took me awhile to make because I spent a lot of time making the sprinkles into really tiny pieces, and it also took me awhile to make the texture of baked cookies. However, I love the outcome of this creation, the cookies look yummy! I like the box a lot too, very cute! This is all handmade, hope you all like it too! =)

Yummy, cookies with a cup of coffee!

I might make the little cookies into earrings too! =)


Jo Raines said...

I love them! Left a comment about them in our February forum on Etsy! They are so pretty and their little box is perfect!


Nicomi Nix Turner said...

How cute! very good job on these!

PetiteCreation said...


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