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Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate

I love strawberry and I love chocolate as well, putting the two together is fabulous! I love looking at pictures with food because they look pretty and tasty and I found a lot of beautiful pictures with strawberries covered with chocolate. Therefore, I tried it myself to make some and decorated the strawberries with white chocolate as well. They tasted really good! Here are some pictures! =)

I like making real desserts and making fake desserts as well! =)

Here is my new creation! Strawberry covered with chocolate stud earrings! Hope you all like it!

New Stud Earrings!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long update! I have been very busy lately, I had many assignments and exams. And, I was busy making new creations.

Here are my two new creations! Rabbit manju and cookies stud earrings! I love these earrings a lot because they are very cute! Hope you all like them too! =)

So cute!

Yummy cookies with a cup of coffee! Very relaxing!